About Anna Davis

Anna Davis is the founder of Transformation Station helping people process and heal unresolved anger through smash and then following through with cognitive coaching. Anna knows the personal blocks that happen in our lives as a result of suppressing anger along with the lasting benefits of facing and embracing our deepest rage. Through her love of art, creativity and innovation, Anna created a safe place to express and seek comfort for expressing our emotions especially when no other place feels safe for this experience of anger. Anna is a fighter for the underdog. Where she once focused most of her attention on social issues, she now has pivoted her passion to help people directly. Anna is a skilled Cognitive Coach who possesses deep compassion and understanding for those dealing with difficult life transitions be it divorce, empty nesting, family issues and much more.

In a nutshell, Transformation Station is a way to transform your old stories and patterns into the life you desire to lead. It’s about helping to release long held emotions trapped in the body, and to be able to start a new path, with a new plan instead of spiraling in place. Your best life is waiting for you.

When Anna began working with a coach to learn the tools to heal, one of the things she heard over and over was to move her body when feeling an intense emotion. It helped her so very much. The concept of the “rage room” sounded like a good way to move the body and release the emotions physically. But what about afterward? There is no cool down, or grounding, it’s just “hoped you had fun! Bye!”

The concept is to release the rage, or any other strong emotion keeping a person stuck in place and or making them physically ill, and then having a calming meditation and grounding session to reflect and learn how to move forward with a new thought and feeling is the inspiration for Transformation Station. Which will always be evolving and changing to meet the needs of our clients.